(Persia Digest) – Tehran’s prosecutor has said: “Over the past eight months, 282 corrupt individuals have been arrested, 860 have been barred from leaving the country, 138 have been indicted, 121 are wanted, and 100 have been prosecuted.”

According to Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi, the arrests were made in cases brought against them for fraud in the petrochemicals industry, forex market, meat industry, tyres, mobiles, paper, car imports…

Tehran’s prosecutor said four arrests were made in red meat cases for issuing fake drafts, adding: “Apart from these four cases, large amounts of meat has also been recovered.”

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He also said that an organized group of seven sunglass smugglers have been arrested: “The band had smuggled 120 thousand pairs of sunglasses, of which 4000 were discovered.”

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that simultaneously with spikes in the price of the dollar from April this year, reaching its height in mid-fall, some speculators in Iran became involved in financial corruption cases by stockpiling essential goods and currency, leading to turbulence in the market and placing pressure on the people.

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