(Persia Digest) – A member of the Supreme Council of UNESCO Global Geoparks have said that dossiers are being prepared for two geoparks in Iran to be registered next year, adding that Iran stood a good chance of being accepted.

Speaking about the dossiers of “Tabas” and “Aras” for Unesco registration, Alireza Amri-Kazemi said: “These two geoparks are seriously following up on global registration. Their files are ready and will be presented to Unesco Global Geoparks meeting next year. We believe Iran stands a good chance for their global registration.”

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He also announced the news of a national geoparks network being set up by Aras, Tabas, and Qeshm, saying: “A Unesco directive calls for all geoparks around the world to be connected with one another. Currently, the Aras and Tabas national geoparks and Qeshm global geopark are members of this network.

Aras Geopark

Tabas Geopark

Persia Digest (PD) reports that in the Atlas of Iran's Geology and Mineral Distribution and the book of Unesco Global Geoparks, thirty regions in Iran have been introduced as definite geoparks.

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