(Persia Digest) – The Iranian President has said: “Five world leaders mediated for talks with Trump eight times in 2017 and five times in 2018.”

At an Administrative Council of Guilan Province meeting, Hassan Rouhani said: “We know these are difficult days for our country. Yet, we have no other way but to resist; if there was, we would have pursued it. Today, we must stand up and resist. On my trip to NY in 2017, the US Administration sent eight messages to meet the President and five world leaders mediated for such a meeting in 2018. We told them this was not the right time and place. The US must first return to the JCPOA and recognize its abrogation.”

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He added: “We are not weary of talks. We have shown that we can both conduct discussions and defend ourselves in a war.”

In another part of his speech, the Iranian President said: “We live in an interconnected world and cannot remain indifferent towards our neighbors. If it was not for the support of the IR of Iran, Baghdad and Erbil would have certainly fallen to Daesh who would have dominated the region and created difficulties for the Iraqi nation. They would have been misplaced and forced to take refuge in Iran. Is it possible not to let in their refugees? We are not Europe to close our borders; we are not the US to shoot people and prevent refugees from crossing our borders. We must have welcomed them, in the same way we have always extended our hospitality to the people of Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

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