(Persia Digest) – Mansureh Ettehadieh is a pioneer woman in Iran who has spent 35 years working on the culture and history of her country, Iranian woman who have impacted history, international relations, and the customs of the Iranian people. She is one of the first women publishers who has printed over 200 precious history books at “Nashr-e Tarikh” [History Publishers].

The everlasting concerns of this publisher, scholar, and historian, is to address the contemporary history of Iran by looking at women who have played a role in it and looking at Tehran from the perspective of contemporary Iranian history.

Mansureh Ettehadieh has published numerous memoirs written by the great politicians of Iran. She says about these books: “‘The Memoirs of Hosseinqoli Khan’, a compilation of his memoirs and correspondences, was the first book published bt Nashr-e Tarikh. ‘Dar al-Khalafeh of Tehran’ [capital city] was also one of our first published books which was rather important for understanding Tehran from different aspects, because it shows the evolution of the city over different periods in history. Our other important books include ‘Sarafi va Sarafan’ [Currency and Exchangers], ‘Amniat-e Shahr’ [City Safety], and ‘Zendegui-ye Siasi-ye Reza Qholi Khan Nezam Saltaneh’ [Political life of Reza Qholi Khan Nezam Saltaneh].”

An honoring ceremony was held for Mansureh Ettehadieh yesterday, 23 October 2017, at Iran Book House. Her contemporary authors, such as Jaleh Amuzegar, Karim Mojtahedi, Seyed Ali Aldavud, Kaveh Bayat, Hojjat ol-Eslam Mahmud Doaei, and numerous others were there to listen to her talk about her work at Nashr-e Tarikh and the necessity to write about Iran.

She said: “After 35 years of research and compilation, I came to realize what exciting events I had been a part of, the great personalities I had met, and the chance I had to learn about the peaks and troughs of our history. I have sensed history throughout these years.”

She also spoke of the necessity to write history and said that every society needs to know about its history in order to understand its relations with other societies. History is important both in practical and emotional terms. “Today, I would like to review some of my titles and invite you to accompany me on a walk in history.”

Ettehadieh, who has made many endeavors to access the raw documents and memoirs of political personalities in Iran, said: “We have published many of the memoirs of Iranian politicians in the form of raw documents or books. By publishing specialized books and documents, we have aimed to raise awareness and understanding of political relations, foreign relations, and customs and protocols.”

She believes that the best lesson we can learn from history is understanding the past. The more we learn about our past, the more we will love our land.

Mansureh Ettehadieh is celebrating her 84th birthday today. She has published over 200 valuable titles on history and trained numerous women researchers in this field. She continues her valuable work in history research.

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