(Persia Digest) - The National Freestyle Wrestling Team of Iran has won over the US in its second match of the games.

The Freestyle Wrestling World Cup opened in Yakutsk, Russia, this morning. Iran won its first match against Mongolia 9-1. In its second match, Iran won over America 5-5 with 21 positive points against 18.

Game results were as follows:

57kgs: Alireza Sarlak 4 – Zachary Sanders 3

61kgs: Nico Megaludis 12 – Iman Sadeghi 0

65kgs: Zane Rutherford 6 – Morteza Ghiasi 1

70kgs: Meysam Nasiri 3 - Jason Chamberlain 0

74kgs: Isaiah Martinez 8 – Reza Afzali 2

79kgs: Thomas Gant 11 – Mojtaba Asghari 6

86kgs: Marsad Marghzari 5 (knockout) – Samuel Brooks 4

92kgs: Heiden Zimler 6 – Mohammad-Javad Ebrahimi 4

97kgs: Alireza Goudarzi 4 - Kyven Gadson 0

125kgs: Komeil Ghasemi 6 – Anthony Nelson 2

Iran’s third match is on Sunday morning against Georgia. If it comes out as the winner it will qualify for the finals.

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