(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Petroleum Minister announced the news of a gas exports proposal to Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, saying: “Tender documents for the export of gas to Oman are ready.”

At a press conference announcing the inauguration of four phases in the South Pars field, Bijan Zangeneh said: “With the inauguration of these four phases, gas production in Iran will reach 750MM cubic meters/day in 2019, increasing Iran’s share of rich gas production in South Pars as compared to Qatar.”

Zangeneh continued: “Over USD 11BN has been invested in developing phases 13, 22, 23, and 24.”

He also pointed out to phase 11 of the project and continued talks with the Chinese, adding: “Discussions are ongoing with China’s CNPC and the CEO of Iran’s National Oil Company (NIOC) has recently traveled to China for this purpose.”

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The Minister of Petroleum also said: “Petrol exports have also started on a small scale. Currently, we are looking to store fuel and will start major exports from next year.”

Zangeneh underlined that Iran was ready to export gas to Oman, saying: “Tender documents for exports of gas to Oman are ready, but this has been put on hold due to sanctions; because European companies are not willing to construct the pipeline. Nevertheless, Iran is ready to lay down this pipeline.”

Speaking about gas exports to Pakistan, he said: “Iran has completed its side of the bargain for gas exports, but Pakistan has made no moves. Still, Iran has not yet decided to sue Pakistan.”

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The Minister also commented on the continued discussions with Iraq, saying: “We proposed to export gas to Iraq, and then on to Lebanon and Syria. Iraq is always agreeing with us in words.”

According to him, sanctions have not affected Iran’s gas exports, but made it difficult to receive payment from Iraq. This issue will also be resolved.

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