(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Ambassador to Spain has said that Iran issues visas for tourists in a minimum amount of time, including Spaniards.

After the opening last week of the biggest joint event between Iran and Spain in the past 400 years called "Iran - The cradle of civilization" exhibition in the most prestigious European archeology museum in Alicante, Valencia, the issuance of visas for Spanish tourists has now been facilitated too.

"Iran - The cradle of civilization" exhibition opened at the Alicante Museum last week, showcasing 196 artefacts from sixty excavation sites in Iran. It will be open to the public until October 2019. The artefacts displayed here date from over 200 thousand years ago (an item from a cave in Guilan Province) to the Safavid period.

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Ambassador Hassan Ghashghavi was posted to Spain four months ago. He has just announced the news of quick tourist visas being issued for Iran, including for Spaniards, saying: “All nationals can apply for a tourist visa online from home and receive it in two minutes upon arrival at airports in Iran.”

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He also added that a variety of Iranian cultural and folk music will be performed at the Alicante Museum during the first week of the Iranian New Year, Nowruz.

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