(Persia Digest) – Heavy rainfall and flash floods have taken Mazandaran Province in northern Iran by surprise. Some cities in the province have been submerged in water and transport is taking place by motorboats and jet skis.

As Iranians prepare for Nowruz and the new solar year celebrations, a combination of crises in Mazandaran Province ranging from heavy rainfall and flash floods to landslides and falling rocks are making life difficult in these finals days of the old year.

Precipitation in northern Iran over the past few days has submerged vast areas in the cities of central and eastern Mazandaran. Ordinary transport in the cities of Neka, Miandorud, Simorgh, and parts of Sari has become impossible.

In the past 24 hours, two people have gone missing in Miandorud and an entire village in this region is completely under water.

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Many roads are blocked and water, power, and gas has been cut off in some areas.

Officials in the province have said that the crisis is being managed and life will return to normal soon.

The provincial met office has predicted light rainfall for Tuesday and Wednesday as compared to yesterday. According to this office, there has been 144mm of rainfall in Amir-Abad, 140mm in Dasht-e Naz, 135mm in Galugah, and 125mm in Sari.

Mazandaran Province is one of Iran’s tourist areas by the Caspian Sea with a pleasant climate.

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