(Persia Digest) – The CEO of Hormuzgan Ports and Maritime Organization announced the mooring of one of the largest bitumen carriers in the Persian Gulf Port, and said: “The return of large ocean liners to this port is an outcome of the JCPOA nuclear deal.”

Allahmorad Afifipur continued: "The ‘Maroni’ ocean liner carrying bitumen for exports anchored here last week. Subsequently, the second ocean liner ‘Bitu Express’ also anchored in piers 56 and 57 of the Persian Gulf Port.”

He stated: “’Bitu Express’ has a 46 thousand ton capacity and measures 180 meters in length and over 32 meters in width. It carries the Panama flag.

He reiterated: “Direct supplies of bitumen from the Shahid Rajaee port of origin to EU countries has several important achievements for Iran. Iran will be introduced as an important international exporter of the best quality bitumen; mediators will be eliminated; and it will generate the direct flow of foreign currency and enhance the economic capacities of companies located in Shahid Rajaee Port Special Economic Zone.

The Persian Gulf Port is the oil zone of Shahid Rajaee Port Special Economic Zone, with a one million 500 thousand metric cube capacity to store oil products. Its main activities in the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman are to increase Iran’s market share of bunkering, imports-exports, petrol transit, bitumen, gas oil, fuel oil, kerosene, hydrocarbon, furfural, and various oil types.

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