(Persia Digest) – Iran’s renowned Persepolis World Heritage Site has remained safe from the flash floods which have devastated Shiraz.

Yesterday’s flash floods in Shiraz yesterday took the lives of 19 people and injured over 105. It has caused untold financial damages and wrecked over 150 cars.

Shiraz is a main tourist attraction in Iran, especially at the start of spring, and many holidaymakers spend their Nowruz break in this city as from 21 March every year for a fortnight.

This region is home to many of Iran’s historic sites, the most important of which is the world famous ancient capital, Persepolis or Takht-e Jamshid.

Seven years ago, rains and severe damp destroyed some of the 2500-year old structural rocks of the complex. A lack of strategy to divert rainwater at the time was announced as the main cause of flash floods and destruction of historic rocks.

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Nevertheless, the regeneration and restoration teams in Persepolis managed to divert floodwaters yesterday into the underground water canals dug under the palaces in ancient times, thus preventing any damages to this historic site.

According to cultural heritage authorities, no other historic sites and monuments in Fars Province have suffered any damages in the flash floods. The only two waterlogged places were Hamam-e Vakil Baths and Bazaar and these have now been drained.

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