(Persia Digest) - A Spanish couple, who entered Iran 45 days ago on a cycling tour, say they are eager to transfer old and rich Iranian culture and civilization to their country.

IRNA reports that they made the remarks upon arrival in Dome of Soltaniyeh in the  western Iranian province of Zanjan.

They described Iranians as very cultured and hospitable which they said stands in sharp contrast with the negative propaganda against Iran in some western media.

The local official in charge of the historic site Mousa Aniran said the Spanish tourists are carrying the message of peace and friendship.

During their stay in Iran, they have witnessed friendship among Iranians, Aniran quoted the couple as saying.

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The Spanish tourists compared Christmas with New Year in Iran called Nowruz, saying the two events are the same but the latter is richer.

New Iranian calendar year started on March 21, when people in Iran and all over the world as well as the Nowruz-zone countries celebrated the new year with Iranian roots.

About 140,000 domestic and foreign tourists annually visit Dome of Soltaniyeh, 40 km of center of Zanjan.

Dome of Soltaniyeh from Ilxanan era, 1256-1349, is the biggest brick-made dome in the world.

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