(Persia Digest) – Kakh-e Khorshid [Palace of the Sun] is a most beautiful palace in Iran commissioned by Nader Shah, the founder of the Afsharid Dynasty, in 1108 HS [1729 CE].

The palace is located in “Kalat” at a distance of 150kms from Mashhad in northeastern Iran. It was the residence of Nader Shah and the place where he kept his jewels and spoils of war. A section of the palace has been turned into a museum displaying these artefacts.

The palace remained unfinished when Nader Shah’s time came. It is located in the midst of a large garden on three floors. In the past, its height reached 25 meters. But with the collapse of the top floor, it measures only a little over 20 meters today.

The ground floor is an octagonal built over four steps as a pyramid. Each octagonal angle is an entrance to the palace leading to the main hall. Overall, the palace has twelve rooms with murals and stucco work.

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A two-storey, cylindrical-shaped tower standing in the middle of this octagonal was the living quarters of the king and royal family.

The beauty of the palace sits mostly in its crenellated façade influenced by Moghul-Indian architecture.

Details indicate that palace ornaments were designed by non-locals and most probably by Indian artists.

The work at the palace remained unfinished with the news of Nader Shah’s death.

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