(Persia Digest) – The IRGC Commander has criticized the Iranian President over strategies to control the recent flash floods in northern Iran.

Major General Mohammad-Ali Jafari has traveled to Golestan Province for the second time and defended the explosion of the railway and road in Agh Gahal, saying: “This was the only way to guide the water towards the sea and clear the road.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that President Hassan Rouhani had earlier criticized the IRGC act, saying: “Blowing up the road and railway line had no effect on controling the flash floods and the water was transferred from one side (Agh Ghala) to another (Gamishan).

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The IRGC ground forces blew up part of the Gorgan-Incheborun railway line north of Agh Ghala in three locations on Wednesday evening. The reason was cited as clearing the waterlog in the area. On 27 March, the IRGC also blew up part of the Chargholi-Gamishan road.

Following Rouhani’s criticism, media close to the IRGC published a letter by Golestan Province Governorate, saying they had requested the explosion of the railway.

Major General Jafari stated today that the IRGC is helping transfer the water, adding: “If all government organs also get to work, it will speed up the transfer.”

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He reiterated: “With the explosions planned for today, hopefully we will not be accused of transferring water hither and thither, because this is the only way to release it.”

Persia Digest (PD) has been reporting that flash floods caused great human and financial losses across Iran last week. More rain and floods have been reported for certain areas as from tomorrow.

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