(Persia Digest) – Following a meeting with the Republic of Azerbaijan President, the Iranian Minister of Economy, Masoud Karbasian, announced: “Negotiations for a bus production line with the participation of Iran in Azerbaijan have been conducted with the Azeri authorities and the issue is being seriously considered.”

On a two-day visit to Baku accompanied by a high ranking economic delegation, Karbasian said: “The fourth meeting of the Joint Economic Commission of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan will soon take place in Tehran where the bus production line will be one of its important topics.

Iran's Minister of Economy also said that the joint Iranian and Azerbaijani car manufacturing factory in the Neftchala District of Baku will soon be operational.

He added: “Iran is also ready to offer its technical and engineering services for agricultural machinery. Azerbaijan has fertile agricultural land and can replace manpower with machinery in the agricultural sector. “

After talks with the Minister, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliof pointed out to the significant increase in trade between the two countries, and said: “This growth indicates that all the agreements between Tehran and Baku are being implemented and yielding results.” Trade between the two countries increased by 70% last year and shows a 30% growth in the first months of 2017 as compared to a similar period last year.

This is Masoud Karbasian’s first trip to Baku as the Head of the joint Iran-Azerbaijan Economic Commission. He was also the bearer of a message from Iran’s President Rouhani, extending his invitation for a trilateral meeting between the presidents of Iran, Russia, and Azerbaijan in Tehran.

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