(Persia Digest) - Iranian ambassador to the UK in a message described as shameful the claimed made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on recent floods in Iran and accused US of promoting hypocrisy.

“ICRC president in the UN Security Council: “Neutral and impartial humanitarian action is hindered by elaborate sanctions regimes”. Iran’s Red Crescent has announced that intl’ organizations are aware about the impact of US sanctions on Iran’s ability to combat disasters. Shame,” Hamid Baeidinejad wrote on his Twitter account.

He added “@SecPompeo in his interference attributes the current floods in Iran to 'mismanagement in urban planning and in emergency preparedness.”

“This while his own government is criticized for the continuing devastation caused by floods across the US Midwest. #hypocrisy,” he noted.

Baeidinejad earlier described policy adopted by the Persian-language media affiliated with US and UK budget as creating rift among people and officials in Iran.

He added that these days the Persian-language media sponsored by US and UK budget like BBC Persian, Manoto, Radio Farda and VOA covered the flood in Iran as a result of officials’ inefficiency.

This is while Iranian president, ministers and military commanders are now beside people, he reiterated.

Baeidinejad went on to say that one year and a half after Puerto Rico hurricane, US media call it a forgotten island.

He added that the problems of people as regard electricity, water and facilities have not been solved and people were forced to evacuate the area.

Puerto Rico people wish the official would just observe their problems, he reiterated.

Referring to the fact that based on the recent poll by foreign institutions, people’s trust to Persian-language media has been reduced, Baeidinejad said people are now confident that these media policy is to create rift among people and officials and to prove system’s inefficiency aiming to change the system.

Unprecedented heavy rains caused floods in various parts of Iran over the past two weeks. Scores of people were killed and injured and a large number were displaced across Iran.

Earlier, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said the US has blocked Red Crescent’s accounts and hampered issuing humanitarian aids from other countries to Iranian flood-stricken people.

In the meantime earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on his Twitter account “@realDonaldTrump ‘s 'maximum pressure'—flouting UNSC Res 2231 & ICJ ruling—is impeding aid efforts by #IranianRedCrescent to all communities devastated by unprecedented floods. Blocked equipment includes relief choppers.”

Source: IRNA

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