(Persia Digest) – Iranian and Croatian finance ministers have signed an MoU underlining joint economic investments between their two countries.

The trip by Iran’s Minister of Finance to Croatia ended in the signature of the MoU for investment by the private sector and continued collaboration.

Croatia’s Finance Minister, Darko Horvat, said at a meeting with his Iranian counterpart in Zagreb: “Croatia has vast potentials for cooperation with Iran in industry and agriculture.”

He added: “The volume of trade between the two countries in 2018 saw an 18 percent increase and we hope to see this rise further in 2019.”

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Iran’s Finance Minister also reiterated: “The purpose of the trip to Croatia was to sign a joint venture MoU with the private sector and increase support and state incentives for this purpose.”

Dejpasand added: “We expect trade between our two countries to double; this has also been underlined by Croatian authorities.”

At the end of talks with his Croatian counterpart, he announced an agreement to increase trade and economic relations between Tehran and Zagreb.

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