(Persia Digest) – The auction of Modern and Middle Eastern Contemporary Art at Christie’s took place this year with outstanding works from modern Iranian paintings. Iran’s works of Islamic art were also sold in the auction’s section dedicated to this art.

Christie’s website reports that the auction house in London presented 57 modern works from the Middle East for the first time this year by contemporary artists from Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and the UAE. Forty-six of these were sold.

Fourteen works by twelve Iranian artists went under the hammer and ten out of nine were sold, amounting to an overall figure of 1 011 250 sterling pounds. Four works from Bahman Mohassess, Hossein Zendehrudi, Faramarz Pilaram, and Farhad Moshiri remained unsold.

Two of Parviz Tanavoli’s bronze works entitled “Big Heech Lovers” were sold for 35 thousand pounds.

Other works sold here include:

  • “Floating Bowl” by Farhad Moshiri for 175 thousand pounds

  • “Burn It” by Ali Banisadre for 150 thousand pounds

  • “Palpitation” by Monir Farmanfarmaian for 112 500 pounds

  • An untitled work by Sohran Sepehri for 87 500 pounds

  • “Peacock” by Nasrollah Afjei for 62 500 pounds
  • “Blue Hunt” by Reza Derakhshani for 62500 pounds
  • “Blue Miniature” by Kurosh Shishegaran for 32 500 pounds
  • An untitled work by Manuchehr Yektaei for 93 750 pounds

Auction of Persian Carpets and Iranian Islamic Art

“Art of Islamic and Indian Worlds Including Oriental Rugs” wrapped up in London with good sales for Iran. The first, second, and fifth volumes of Avicenna’s famous medical encyclopedias “The Canon of Medicine” was sold for 20 thousand pounds.

A second major scientific and philosophical work by Avicenna was sold at the estimated initial price of 45000 pounds.

A number of old Korans from the Safavid and Qajar periods were also sold at Christie’s within the price range of 5000 to nearly 30000 pounds.

A Timurid-era prayer book was also sold for more than 5000 pounds.

A journey to Persia book was sold for the impressive price of 62 thousand pounds, followed by the auction of a Ferdowsi “Book of Kings” from the Safavid era going for 3200 pounds. Calligraphies from Iran were also auctioned in the price range of 4000 to over 60000 pounds. Tile work and pottery from various centuries were auctioned at just under 5000 pounds.

Persian carpets and kilim were significantly presented at the auction. Various carpets and kilim from Tabriz, Soltanabad, Kashan, Bijar and other areas dating back to different centuries were auctioned from 2000 pounds to over 30000 pounds.


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