(Persia Digest) The Prime Minister of Iraq arrived in Tehran Saturday morning heading a high-ranking delegation to attend the third joint meeting of the Iranian and Iraqi economic officials. He was welcomed at the airport by Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

This is the first visit to Iran by Adil Abdul-Mahdi since he took office as the Iraqi Prime Minister. His visit is taking place on an invitation extended by President Hassan Rouhani.

The first and second Iran-Iraq joint economic meetings have previously been held during visits to Iraq by the Iranian president and foreign ministers last year.

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Abdul-Mahdi is in Tehran on the eve of the new round of his regional tour to Iraq’s neighboring states. President Rouhani visited Iraq last February.

Issuance of free visas for Iranian and Iraqi passengers, the start of dredging in Arvandrud river based on the Algiers 1975 Agreement, and increasing the volume of trade exchanges between Iran and Iraq were the main goals of President Rouhani’s visit to Iraq.

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An official welcoming ceremony for Abdul-Mahdi was held by President Rouhani at the Sa’adat-Abad Cultural-Historical Complex.

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