(Persia Digest) – Another six cities in Khuzestan Province are being evacuated following the floods in western and southwestern Iran.

Over the past three weeks, over 20 provinces in Iran have been affected by floods this spring, especially in the western and northern parts of the country.

More than 70 people have lost their lives during the crisis.

Map of Iran - sections shaded with hachures are provinces affected by the recent floods.

The Met Office has forecast more rain for these parts as from today, 6 April 2019, endangering 96 villages in Khuzestan Province. Six cities have been warned to evacuate immediately. Hundreds of villages are also surrounded by the floods in Lorestan Province.

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Flood Damages

The overall cost of damages is estimated at 11 thousand 900 billion tomans. This is expected to rise with new precipitation forecasts for the country (1USD=13,000 tomans).

Damages caused by floods will affect agricultural products and prices on the market. Golestan Province is the most important region in Iran for wheat and rice cultivation. This has dropped dramatically and the government will face trouble supplying markets in the coming months.

Over 50 thousand residential units have also been partly damaged or totally demolished so far.

Workers have lost their jobs due to the destruction of factories and industrial parks in the floods. In Golestan Province alone between 3 to 5 thousand people have lost their jobs.

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Flood warnings for six Iranian provinces

Despite all the damages and costs, Iran’s First Vice President has said: “Although recent rains have created havoc, it has also been a blessing after a period of long-drawn drought, thus appeasing some concerns by the authorities.”

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