(Persia Digest) – The Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, inaugurated part of Tehran’s green belt on Sunday. The project adds another 1250 hectares of land to the green belt for the capital.

The project was designed in 1986 and began in South Tehran. As of today, it has covered 41,500 hectares of land.

According to authorities at the City Council, part of the green belt is irrigated with treated wastewater. All efforts are focused on using treated wastewater to irrigated all the forests planned in the project in the near future.

Urban and environmental observers believe that if the green belt is completed, it will have a huge impact on the climate and environment of the Iranian capital.

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Rouhani also inaugurated the “Omid” housing project in Tehran today.

It includes 324 residential and 63 commercial units spread over nine blocks adjacent to the old fabric of Tehran’s 18th district.

Rouhani’s cabinet was a critic of Ahmadinejad’s “Mehr” housing program and founded the Omid program to renovate the old fabric of the city and stimulate urban regeneration projects.

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The complex which was inaugurated today is a joint project called the National Plan for Sustainable Urban Regeneration implemented by Tehran’s City Council and the private sector using the potentials of Iranian engineers, workers, and first grade building materials made in Iran.

The Omid housing project incorporates 100 thousand residential units in all designed for the regeneration of communities across the country.

The above two projects were inaugurated simultaneously with part of line six of Tehran’s metro.

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