(Persia Digest) – The Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces has announced an agreement with his Iraqi counterpart for joint air defenses.

Following his meeting with the Chief of General Staff of the Iraqi Army, Major General Mohammad Bagheri stated that both parties were in agreement on the subject, adding: “We are on good terms with the Iraqi army and our ties are very different from other international relations.”

He said that the armed forces of the two countries must expand ties to further security, reiterating: “Today, we discussed border issues and the dredging of Arvand Roud River. The armies of both countries will undertake to provide the security of the project. Cooperation between the two countries at the mouth of Arvand Roud to secure the Persian Gulf was also highlighted.”

Bagheri continued: “Opening the Khosravi border for pilgrims was also underlined and the Chief of General Staff of the Iraqi Army promised to provide security for the Diyala Governorate for pilgrims.

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He said that the Joint Air Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq was another topic discussed at the meeting, adding: “As we may feel air threats from the western borders, the air defenses of the two countries agreed to work closely together.”

He went on to continue: “There was also a good agreement on joint training exercises and the transfer of Iran's experience to Iraq. This will be finalized after an official visit to Iran after Ramadan.”

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Speaking about the presence of American forces in Iraq, Major General Bagheri said: “My Iraqi counterpart reassured us that they have more control over these issues and the presence of US forces is merely in an advisory role for Iraqi forces while they are under the control of the Iraqi army.

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