(Persia Digest) - Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh has described the current state of Iran’s export of petrochemicals and petroleum products as satisfactory.

Mehr News reports that during a meeting with members of the energy committee of the Iranian parliament on Sunday, Zangeneh said the previous Iranian calendar year of 1397 which ended on March 20 was a good year for oil industry.

“We had no limits for gas supply, whether to the industrial or power generation sectors during the year,” the official was quoted by the oil ministry's news agency SHANA as saying.

He said over 92 percent of the Iranian population had access to natural gas, adding that over 99 percent of the urban population and 80 percent of the rural population also had access to the item in Iran.

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The official said that efforts were being made for not disclosing any numbers regarding the country’s oil and gas condensate exports due to the US sanctions and the potential advantages that might be taken of the figures by Iran's enemies.

The minister of petroleum further said Iran was able to export oil and condensate at desired levels and had no technical shortcoming in this regard. “The problem is that oil exports have become a political and security matter, not a practical one.”

The official also noted that the recent flash floods across the country had mostly hit oil-rich provinces such as Khuzestan.

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