(Persia Digest) – As the Spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the US has blocked the accounts of the Red Crescent, thus putting a stop to any help for the flood victims in Iran from abroad, the people of Iran have rushed to help their compatriots stricken by this natural disaster and donated record amounts of cash and other data-x-items unprecedented in Iran.

The President of the Red Crescent of Iran said: “People have credited our account with over 65 billion tomans (USD 5MM). All help data-x-items sent also amount to over 25 billion tomans, breaking the record of cash donated for the Kermanshah earthquake which was 63 billion tomans.

Ali-Asghar Peyvandi stated that the volume of damages is huge, adding: “Initial estimates show that flood damages in Lorestan, Ilam, Khuzestan, Golestan, and Mazandaran provinces amount to over six thousand billion tomans (over USD 460MM).

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Peyvandi also pointed to the extent of the floods, saying: “Two thousand cities, villages, and mountain roads have been inundated by the floods or washed away.”

He continued by saying there is no problem in providing rescue, food, and other items, but we have difficulty in getting these to the affected areas.

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Head of the Red Crescent volunteers, Mohammad Nasiri, said victims needed food, clothing, etc, especially in Khuzestan, adding: “To date, 10,000 volunteers have worked 200 thousand hours to help the flood victims and their efforts continue.”

Head of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee (a state-owned organization helping the poor, orphans, and the disadvantaged), Seyed Parviz Fattah, also stated: “As of today, 20BN tomans (over USD 1.5MM) has been donated by the people in cash and 23BN tomans in goods to the Committee.

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