(Persia Digest) – Former Team Melli Head Coach, Carlos Queiroz, will be suing Iran at FIFA for his money.

The Iranian Football Federation owes Queiroz around USD 900 thousand. A delay in payment has prompted the Portuguese coach to sue Iran.

The President of the Iranian Federation, Mahdi Taj, has announced repeatedly that there are no financial difficulties in paying Queiroz, but a paying method must be found.

It seems that banking and financial sanctions imposed by the US against Iran have prevented the payment of the money to Queiroz.

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Mahdi Taj who also was elected as AFC Vice President, has sent a message to Queiroz asking him not to rush into suing Iran, because a suitable solution seems to have been found for his payment.

Carlos Queiroz was Team Melli head coach for nearly eight years which is a record in the history of the team. He left after the 2019 AFC Championship Games and is presently the Head Coach of the Colombia National Football Team.

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