(Persia Digest) – Sadaf Khadem has won her first official match as the first Iranian woman boxer in Royan, France. She defeated her French opponent, Anne Chauvin, in three consecutive rounds to celebrate her first official win and that of Iranian women boxers.

Sadaf Khadem participated in the match in France for Iran as an independent boxer. She succeeded in defeating her French opponent, Anne Chauvin, to take a big step towards the Olympic Games.

This was the first time an Iranian woman took part and won an international boxing match.

After her win, with tears in her eyes, Sadaf said that the energy of 80 million Iranians and the support of her parents gave her incentive to take part in and win this match.

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She was convinced she had lost the first round and had to win the next two. Speaking about her victory, she said: “I was not happy with my performance, because I lost the first round. But I did all I could to win the next two. The boxing ring is my ring of life. I had been waiting for years for this. I dreamed about it at night. I hope this is a start for what many Iranian women have been looking forward to for many years.”

The interesting point, however, was Sadaf’s unawareness that she had also won the first round. As such, she doubled her efforts to beat her French opponent.

Speaking at the end of the match with tears in her eyes, the Iranian boxer said: “My goal is that my other club members can also continue on this path and take part in official matches. I also hope to fulfill my other ambitions. I will see you at the Olympics.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that although the International Boxing Federation (IBF) has recently accepted the Islamic cover of Iranian women to take part in world championships, this sport has not yet received an official permit and Iranian women boxers still practice mostly in parks and home basements.

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