(Persia Digest) - Iran’s Meteorological Organization announced the possibility of new floods in eastern Iran while most of the country’s northern and western regions have already been hit by torrential rains and devastating floods for more than a month.

Maximum rainfall is forecast for the eastern parts of Iran on Sunday and Monday and four villages have been evacuated in South Khorasan Province in this connection. Iran’s Meteorological Organization has also issued serious warnings for people in the five provinces of Fars, Hormozgan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Razavi Khorasan and South Khorasan.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Energy Minister has talked about the possibility of rivers overflowing in the east following recent torrential rains in the southeast and northeast of the country.

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Reza Ardakanian said that in the first half of the month of Farvardin (March 21-April 3, 2019) the country had some 57 millimeters of rainfall which is 19 times more than its corresponding period last year and three times more than the median for the past 50 years.

Although only one month has passed since the start of the new Iranian calendar year (1398), precipitation has been at its highest for the past 50 years in the current Iranian year, said the Minister.

Ardakanian added: “Given the country's recent drought, we did not even dream of our wetlands filling up with water as much as they have now.”

He added: “Last year, some 340 Iranian cities had trouble providing fresh water, but presently 44 wetlands in the country have been filled with water ranging from 40 percent to 100 percent.”

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In another development, Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development said some 14,000 kms of main, secondary, and rural roads as well as 150,000 houses have been damaged by the recent floods. He added that 50,000 houses need to be reconstructed while another 100,000 houses must be repaired.

Iran’s devastating floods have so far killed 77 people.

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