(Persia Digest) – A fully Iranian made fighter jet named “Kowsar” has taken to the sky of the capital Tehran for the first time in an air show.

Accompanied by the fighter jets “Sa’egheh”, F5, and MIG-29, “Kowsar” took off from Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport on Tuesday morning for a practice run.

A Boeing 747 aerial refueling aircraft belonging to the Iranian Army also became airborne today to practice in-flight refueling (IFR).

This military exercise was held before the 18 April parade on the IR of Iran Army Day to prepare the fighter jets for the air show on that special day.

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As announced by the commanders of the IR of Iran Army, only jets made in Iran will fly on this day.

“Kowsar” was first unveiled in August last year and mass produced in November. This is Iran’s third home-grown fighter jet after “Azarakhsh” and “Sa’egheh”.

“Kowsar” is an advanced fighter with a close air support mission which is fully made in Iran making this one of the few countries with technology to design and build fourth generation jet fighters with avionics and fire control.

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