(Persia Digest) – Members of Tehran’s Islamic City Council have agreed to name a street in the capital after Master vocalist Mohammad-Reza Shajarian.

The members convened this morning to name a number of streets and boulevards in Tehran after renowned artists including Ezatollah Entezami (actor), Gholam-Hossein Amirkhani (calligrapher), Ali Nasirian (actor), Davoud Rashidi (actor), and Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz (actor).

Mohammad-Reza Shajarian who is having a street named after him in Tehran is a traditional Persian song vocalist who has been banned from holding concerts in Iran since his support for the 2009 green movement. In 2015, Hossein Noushabadi, then Spokesperson for the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, had confirmed that Shajarian is facing a legal ban on staging concerts.

In Nowruz 1395 HS [2016 CE], Shajarian was diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatment.

He was nominated for two Grammy Awards and the National Public Radio in America designated him as one of the Great 50 Voices in the world in 2010.

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