(Persia Digest) - Sheikh Safi-e-Din of Ardabil Mausoleum is a tourist destination of the city of Ardabil in northwestern Iran which is of significant historic, architectural, and tourism value. It has been inscribed as a Unesco World Heritage.

Apart from the tomb of Sheikh Safi-e-Din, Shah Esmaeil I of Safavid and other Safavid sheikhs, dignitaries, and victims of the Battle of Chaldoran are also buried here.

The mausoleum was completed between the 16th and 18th centuries.

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Its unique trait is the collection of artworks ranging from the best tile works, mosaic, stucco, exquisite inscriptions of Safavid masters of calligraphy (Mir Emad, Mir Ghavam-e-Din, Mohammad Esmaeil…), wood carvings, silverworks, illuminations, and gilding, all of which add to this architectural masterpiece.

Sheikh Safi-e-Din of Ardabil Mausoleum was also home to Ardabil’s priceless carpet which is presently in the V&A Museum in London.

This historic structure was inscribed as World Heritage by Unesco in 2010.

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