(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Ambassador in Muscat pointed to an increased number of flights between Iran and Oman from 20 to 48 per week, and said: “Shipping lines are also on the increase and a new one will start operating between the two countries in a fortnight.”

Addressing a gathering of 120 businessmen at the Iranian Embassy in Oman on Tuesday, Mohammad-Reza Nouri-Shahroudi stated: “Currently, we have no issues with Oman. A most significant sign of this is the travel of this large group to Oman for this meeting. Our military committee is also present in Oman and we are planning joint drills in the coming days.”

He added: “At this moment, Oman’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture is also in Iran signing agreements with the Shilat Fisheries. In addition to cultural and neighborly affiliations, we also enjoy good sustainable relations with Oman.”

Nouri-Shahroudi continued: “Currently, visas are issued at the airport at minimal charges as compared to before and the people of Oman no longer require visas for travel to Iran.”

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The Iranian Ambassador pointed to the volume of trade with Oman, adding: “Our trade volume in the first 11 months of the Iranian year beginning March 2018 was over USD 700MM. Of this, USD 250MM was imports by Iran and USD 281MM worth of trade exchanges benefited Iran. We estimate that this figure will increase to USD 1BN in the near future.”

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