(Persia Digest) – Advisor to the Iranian Deputy Minister of Science, Dr Mohammad-Javad Rasaei, has said that Iran ranks first among developing countries in brain drain, adding: “This costs Iran USD 60BN per year.”

The emigration of educated forces and elites to developed countries, or brain drain, is a social, economic, and educational hurdle for Iran.

Although there are no accurate statistics on the number of Iranian graduates leaving the country, but evidence points to a high level of emigration.

Nevertheless, Vice President of Science and Technology of Iran, Surena Sattari, had said in April 2018: “Although the share of educated people leaving the country is alarming, the number of elites leaving the country is below global standards.”

He had also said: “In 1979, at the victory of the Islamic Revolution, we had the highest number of students in the US. But now, we rank 12th with 12 thousand students.” Sattari emphasizes that Iran is not first in brain drain in the world.

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But today, Advisor to the Iranian Deputy Minister of Science underlined Iran’s top rank in brain drain among developing countries once again. The news was reported by the Students’ news Agency ISNA who deleted it from its website within a matter of hours.

It seems brain drain has become a political issue in Iran. Apart from various statistics issued on the subject, what has been totally neglected is a way to keep elites inside Iran.

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