(Persia Digest) – The ceremony of the special units of the four forces of the Iranian Army has been held in Tehran on the IR of Iran Army Day.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that 19 April has been designated as the IR of Iran Army Day on the official Iranian solar calendar. On this day, special units of the four forces of the Iranian Army parade their readiness to defend the country in a special ceremony.

The ceremony was held next to Imam Khomeini’s Shrine this year in Tehran, attended by President Rouhani and the Iranian army’s top brass.

The army’s latest equipment and achievements were also unveiled. Most of these have been designed and manufactured by the armed forces specialists of the Islamic Republic of Iran and based on the latest defense technology.

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The home-grown “Kowsar” and “Sa’egheh” fighter jets also took part in an air show today alongside MIG-29, F4, F14, and Boeings 747 and 707 in-flight refueling aircrafts. IFR refueling was also part of the show in Tehran today.

The four forces of the Iranian Army held parades across Iran today.

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The Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army NEDAJA also held a parade in the Persian Gulf. The army’s strategic naval units displayed tens of surface ships, submarines, speedboats, and airborne units. Entirely made in Iran medium-sized sub “Fateh” and the modern “Sahand” destroyer which were unveiled and joined the navy last year also took part in the parade for the first time.

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