(Persia Digest) - "During the past 40 years, the Army has always been beside the Iranian nation and the Islamic Revolution, making sacrifices to secure territorial integrity and ensuring Iran's independency,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday.

Mehr News reports that making the remarks at the parade of the Army forces on the occasion of the National Army day in Tehran, Rouhani also hailed the role of Army in clinching victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Addressing the Army’s role in providing aid to the flood-hit areas in the recent flash floods, Rouhani said that “the Army, the IRGC and all other Armed Forces stood beside the nation to rescue, provide aid to and settle down the flood-stricken ones.”

He, elsewhere, addressed the US enlisting of the IRGC as a terrorist group saying that “our enemies suppose that the IRGC is merely a part of our Armed Forces but they are wrong and have to know that the IRGC is present all across Iran and the Iranian nation considers it as part of itself and insulting the IRGC is equal to insulting the great Iranian nation and Armed Forces.”

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He condemned interference by  the US and Zionist regime in regional affairs saying that “major powers, in particular the US and the Zionists, do not want stability, unity, security, and fraternity in the region.”

“The US is angry with every force which does not obey it, is not under its control and prevents it from reaching its goals,” Rouhani said, “The US is angry because it cannot accomplish its planned program for the region due to the resistance of the Iranian nation and Armed Forces, but the way the US has chosen to take is wrong.”

He also underscored the role of Iranian Armed forces in ensuring security in the region and fighting agaist terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Syria.

Addressing the regional nations, the Iranian President said that “Iran’s Armed Forces are not against you and your national interests but they are to stand against the aggressors.”

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