(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Tourism Organization Deputy has named rising currency prices and economic conditions as reasons for a drop in trips abroad by Iranians.

On the sidelines of the 5th ECO-Silk Road Food Festival, Teimuri stated: “We witnessed a drop in trips abroad by Iranians last year. Seven million people holidayed abroad last year, while this figure was ten million in 2017.”

He named rising currency prices and economic conditions as reasons for a drop in trips, adding: “Instead, we have seen a rise in trips inside the country.”

Teimuri added: “Despite the climatic conditions across Iran, an estimated 20 million Iranians went on Nowruz holidays during 16 days, showing a rise of 5.5 percent YOY.”

But the president of the association of travel agents in Tehran Province called the drop in overseas trips “shocking” and said more staff are either given compulsory leave or travel agents are temporary closing down in this province.

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Amir-Pouyan Rafi’ei-Shad added: “Trips at home and abroad have both seen sharp drops. As such, some travel agents have had to ask the issuing Tourism Organization for a temporary suspension of their permits.”

According to Rafi’ei-Shad, the aim was to take holidays off the list of luxury items; but now, economic pressures are to the extent that trips may be eliminated altogether. Faced with these pressures, people will not think about trips while their basic needs are not being met.

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