(Persia Digest) – A reformist MP in Iran has expressed doubt on the sustainability of the JCPOA and its benefits for Iran.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that despite all the benefits of the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal with great powers for Iran, it seems that after the unilateral exit of President Trump from the agreement and European hesitations in keeping Iran’s interests under the deal, the number of authorities supporting the continued implementation of the JCPOA in Iran is dropping.

Iranian reformist MP, Mahmoud Sadeghi, tweeted recently: “Considering the US withdrawal from the JCPOA and European hesitation in creating a financial SPV to work with Iran, what is our interest in the JCPOA?” This MP asked “the cabinet to explain to MPs the effects of maintaining the JCPOA under the present circumstances.”

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This position taken by one of the advocates of the government and the JCPOA met with the reaction of the deal’s inherent opponents known as hardliner fundamentalists in Iran. Many of the latter who opposed the deal from the start have increasingly demanded that Iran leave the deal since Trump squashed it.

Reactions to Mahmoud Sadeghi’s tweet prompted him to post another tweet, saying: “Despite certain faults, the JCPOA was a win-win deal. Contrary to some takes from my previous tweet, I was not hesitant about the deal. I meant how will the deal benefit us after US violations and European hesitations? I will officially pose this question to the Foreign Ministry in Parliament.”

Many people who voted for Rouhani and supported the JCPOA are faced with the economic pressures posed by US sanctions despite Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA and are expressing doubt in Iran continuing to remain in the JCPOA. Earlier, FM Zarif also stated that the Europeans are lagging behind in the commitments, adding: “They must not think that Iran will wait for them forever.”

It seems that remaining committed to a deal where the other signatories have already abrogated their commitments is becoming increasingly difficult for Iran.

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