(Persia Digest) - A senior official at Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) described Saturday the Google search engine and technology company's move to shut You Tube channels of PressTV and Hispan TV as 'media dictatorship.'

IRNA reports that Google has not only disabled the YouTube accounts of several Iranian networks but also shut some of the users' and experts' accounts, Peyman Jebelli said.

According to the PressTV website, Google disabled You Tube and Gmail accounts related to Press TV and Hispan TV on the pretext of violation of the technology company's policies.

Press TV's demand for explanation from Google has remained unanswered.

Jebeli said it was not the first time that IRIB International is facing such blocking, but the latest one happened without prior warning which was against the norms and regulations of cyberspace.

Such move against Iranian networks was so strange because it was taken by the media which are so-called advocates of free dissemination of information, Jebeli noted.

Surely, those media are either under the US control or working directly under its order, he added.

In response, the efforts have been made to solve the problem created for the networks in cyberspace, he stressed.

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