(Persia Digest) – Torrential rains over the past forty days in Iran may have caused severe floods and human and financial losses in certain areas, but at the same time it has revived one of Iran and the world’s most important lakes.

According to figures, from the start of the water year to date, Urmia Lake has had a height increase of 55 centimeters which is called as most agreeable by experts. Over 1.3BN cubic meters of water has been added to the lake the surface area of which has increased by 520km2.

The current volume of water in Urmia Lake is 3BN and 130MM m3. This figure stood as 1BN and 990MM m3 last year.

Therefore, Urmia Lake has put its threatening situation behind with the recent rains and dam overflows.

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that Urmia Lake in is northwestern Iran. It is Iran’s largest landlocked lake, the ME’s largest salt lake, and the world’s sixth largest salt lake. It began to dry up from the mid-2000s. Drought, the construction of a motorway over the lake, excessive use of water resources in the catchment area of the lake, and a drop in precipitation and snowfall in recent years all contributed to this situation.

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