(Persia Digest) - Speaking at a press conference with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday in Tehran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said  that he had conferred on border security with the Pakistani PM at a meeting prior to the press conference, saying “we both agreed to expand security cooperation between the two countries, and form a joint rapid reaction force on shared borders to counter terrorism.”

Rouhani also added that his government is ready to increase its electricity exports to neighboring Pakistan by tenfold.

Noting that a “new step” has been taken in the promotion of the two countries’ relations, Rouhani said Tehran and Islamabad are fully committed to this cause and stress that no third country will ever be able to undermine the close and amicable ties between the two sides.

Elsewhere, the Iranian president said the country is ready to meet Pakistan’s oil and gas needs, calling on Pakistan to complete the gas pipeline project at their end.

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Wrongful hostile US measures in the region regarding the Jerusalem al-Quds, Golan Heights, and its anti-IRGC move were also discussed with the Pakistani side, Rouhani added.

Rouhani then noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan has extended an invitation to him for an official visit, voicing hope that the visit would take place at an appropriate time in the future.

On the sidelines of the press conference, the two sides signed an MoU on healthcare cooperation.

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