(Persia Digest) – The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs in Iran has announced the dispatch of trained forces in medical and technical fields to European and Asian countries with priority given to regional countries.

Issa Mansouri stated that Iran’s job market is not ideal and it is facing serious obstacles in this sector, adding: “A most significant contribution to employment is to provide the right conditions for job seekers and employers to find each other on a supply and demand basis.”

Mansouri added: “The ministries of Labor and Foreign Affairs have conducted discussions on sending a trained workforce to other countries. The process began a few days ago and countries such as Germany and Bulgaria, and regional and Asian countries such as China will be welcoming Iranians.”

The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs reiterated: “Currently, priority lies with the dispatch of medical and technical forces, but other expert persons, and skilled and unskilled workers can also participate in this scheme.”

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He emphasized: “No Iranians will be sent abroad until a contract has been signed with the employer and their insurance, accommodation, and job security has been finalized. The private sector will be the main actor in this project.”

Mansouri reminded: “We have opened job security offices in countries where there are over 1500 Iranians working, such as Turkey and Canada. The Foreign Ministry and Labor Ministry are working together on this.”

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