(Persia Digest) – A day after the US announced it will no longer grant exemptions to clients of Iranian oil, authorities in these countries have shown various reactions to this decision.

The Spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlined that Iran-China economic ties will continue according to international law despite the non-renewal of waivers.

But the Indian Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Dharmendra Debendra Pradhan, announced that his country has no difficulties in finding oil sources and “Indian refineries are able to provide demand for oil, gas, and other petrochemicals.”

The Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hiroshige Seko, responded by saying that the impact of this policy on Japan is minimal.

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But the South Korean Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that this country will continue to seek exemptions to buy Iranian oil.

The Saudi Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources announced: “In collaboration with other producers, Saudi Arabia will ensure sufficient injection of oil to the market to keep this in balance. The Arabian Foreign Minister also welcomed the American decision to stop exemptions for buyers of Iranian oil.

Iraq took a similar stance as Saudi Arabia and announced its readiness to increase production by 250 thousand bpd oil to make up for the boycott of Iranian oil.

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Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, called the American decision as “very significant” for his country.

But the Turkish FM said that any type of sanctions will hurt the Iranian people and underlined: “American measures are very dangerous for our regional safety and stability. It is not easy for Turkey and other countries to find new sources of oil supplies.”

The European Commission called the US decision to stop granting exemptions for Iranian oil buyers as regrettable and underlined that it remains committed to the nuclear deal with Iran.

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