(Persia Digest) – Addressing the US, the Iranian President said: “Talks are possible with mutual respect if all pressures are lifted and an apology is given for all misconducts.”

Speaking at a cabinet meeting, Hassan Rouhani stated: “We have always been men of discussion, war, defense and resistance; we are also men of diplomacy and negotiations.”

He continued: “In some circles, the mentality is that the US is ready to talk and Iran is not. To the contrary, the US is not ready for negotiations at all. Every American measure is taken to break the Iranian nation. They want to return to Iran.”

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By saying that we must first make America repent, he reiterated: “We must first prove that the US calculations have been wrong. When they came to the conclusion that they were in the wrong and are really prepared to resolve issues with logic, reason, and law, then we can negotiate. Yet today, the Iranian nation has no option but to resist all aggressions.”

Pointing to the threat by the US Secretary of State to zero Iranian oil exports, Rouhani said: “Reducing Iranian oil exports is an impossibility.”

Addressing Saudi Arabia and the UAE, he said that compensating for the lack of Iranian oil on the market means facing off the Iranian people, adding: “You respond to good deeds with bad? You have forgotten that your survival in the face of Saddam's expansionism is owed to Iran's wise decision.”

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He addressed Saudi Arabia and the UAE by saying: “At that time, Saddam sent letters and requests that he would occupy the Gulf states, and asked us to partner with him Therefore, you must not forget the wisdom of the great decision by the Islamic Republic of Iran at that time.”

Rouhani reiterated: “It was the IR of Iran who saved Saudi Arabia. If we had taken a different course of action then, there may have been no sign of Saudi Arabia and the UAE today.”

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