(Persia Digest) - The Abbasid or Abbasi House is one of the large historic houses in the city of Kashan in central Iran with a very beautiful architecture.

This historic structure was built in 1823.

The construction of this house lasted for 20 years and was commissioned by the late Seyed Ebrahim Tajer Kashani.

Five sunken gardens, stucco decorations and murals, Islamic architectural decorations, such as Rasmi-bandi, Yazdi-bandi, Ghatar-bandi (Muqarnas) and Gereh-sazi (Girih) at the height of beauty and elegance are among of the most prominent features of this historic building.

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Abbasi House has symmetry in its architecture; if you stand in the middle of the building, the two sides are completely symmetrical.

Due to the climatic conditions of Kashan, the house has summer and winter quarters; in each season of the year, special sections of the building were used according to the weather conditions of that season. Unlike modern structures, which have copiously ornamented façades, in this structure, as in traditional architecture, the façade of the building is very simple with little decorations, but on the inside it is magnificent and beautiful.

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