(Persia Digest) – The International Handicrafts Trade Fair Florence Italy 2019 was first held over 80 years ago. This year, it is host to Iranian arts and crafts once again.

The background and history of the Florence Fair makes it one of Europe’s most important and credible events. It began work in 1931 and has been ongoing ever since, except for an interruption during WWII. It is now an attractive fair for the lovers of traditional handicrafts.

This year’s fair coincides with the 500th birthday of Leonardo Da Vinci. It will run from 24 April to 1 May, hosting participants worldwide.

Iranian artisans are also taking part with stands for crafts made of shells, wood carvings, crafts from Isfahan, precious stones, carpets, kilims, Turkmen crafts, handicrafts from Kermanshah, and a workshop for woodturning and kalamkari printed calico designs.

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