(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology has reacted to removal of Iranian developed messenger applications for android cell phones.

Over the past few days, the online Google play store has removed two Iranian developed messengers 'Golden Telegram' and 'Hotgram' from android-based cell phones for what it claimed to be unsafe and destructive.

According to Persia Digest (PD), Hotgram and Golden Telegram were two versions of Telegram which were developed and put at the disposal of users without any need for VPN after the Telegram was filtered in the country.

But the security service of Google play store (Play Protect) blocked and removed Hotgram and Golden Telegram from cell phones, claiming that the two applications were trying to spy on and steal the personal date of users.

Reacting to the problem, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi tweeted: "A report by the Information Technology Organization indicates that removal of Iranian developed applications for android phones has not been restricted to just one messenger but rather has affected some Iranian cyberspace-based businesses. US economic terrorism is also moving toward digital economy.”

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However, certain conservative groups in Iran has described this act by Google play store as 'double standard', saying despite the fact that evidences of spying and lack of security in some social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have been published by international mass media time and again, Google play service has taken no action in this regard while removing Iranian developed applications without notifying users.

Earlier, Apple's decision to remove some Iranian developed applications such as 'Snap', 'Tapsi' (versions of Uber in Iran) and online bank services applications from its online Apple Stores have drawn harsh reactions in the country.

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