(Persia Digest) – Speculations suggest that the locust attack on Iran may have been deliberate.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Iran’s southern provinces have been facing unprecedented swarms of desert locusts invading an area of 200 thousand hectares over six provinces in the past fortnight. These have been fought and eliminated from 50 thousand hectares.

According to the President of the Plant Protection Organization of Iran (PPO), 95 swarms of locusts have reached Iran from Saudi Arabia to date. Every swarm can contain between 30-100 million locusts. Every 50 million locusts can eat the food of 25000 people in a short time and endanger Iran’s food security.

An Iranian MP has said that this may be a deliberate attack such as bioterrorism, but it needs further investigation.

Ali Akbari stated that creating an economic crisis is a significant strategy for exerting pressure on Iran, and reiterated: “Although a locust attack is a natural phenomenon with its own side effects, there are still some points in the attack which must be considered.”

He added: “The recent locust attack on Iran is unprecedented. These can fly a distance of up to 200 kilometers non-stop. The important point is that the distance between our country and Saudi Arabia is considerably more than this.”

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He reminded: “Over a natural course of flight, these locusts must have rested on the ocean surface two to three times. This would have killed large numbers of these insects. But this has not happened and huge swarms have invaded our country. This intensifies the bioterrorism theory considerably.”

FAO has also changed the status of its yellow alert (elevated) for Iran to orange (high) and said that it is investigating the possibility of an intentional locust attack on this country.

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