(Persia Digest) – Japanese director, Takefumi Tsutsui, says he fell in love with Iran at first glance when he came to the country first three years ago. This gave him the incentive to make a movie about the Iranian youth. He hopes he can repeat his filmmaking experience in Iran.

The movie titled “New moon hotel” is a joint production between Iran and Japan directed by Takefumi Tsutsui who is spending a few days in Tehran for the screening of his movie at the Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF).

The Japanese director talked to Khabar online about the events that led him to come to Iran and make a movie with a nearly all-Iranian cast, saying: “I fell in love with Iran the very first time I set foot here three years ago. The atmosphere here was very interesting and absorbing for me and the people I socialized with were lovely and kind. That’s why I wanted to find a storyline for a film on the Iranian youth. Luckily, this came about with the “New moon hotel”.

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The synopsis is a maze of complications. It is about an Iranian woman who lives with her only daughter. She is friends with a Japanese man and the story evolves from here.

Takefumi Tsutsui remarks: “I don’t think the story is complicated. It takes time for people to get to know each other. And then, it suddenly clicks. That’s what happens in this story. When the differences are cleared up between an Iranian woman, a Japanese man, and mother and daughter, instantly everything becomes clear. The curtain lifts at once at the end of the movie.”

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