(Persia Digest) - Two million Iranians are dependent on humanitarian aid as a result of the flood disaster. According to SPIEGEL information, the German government complains that US sanctions hamper the support of those affected.

Iran has experienced the worst flooding in decades in recent weeks. 26 out of 31 provinces are affected, almost 2,000 villages have suffered flood damage and 12,000 kilometers of roads have been damaged. At least 77 people have died in the disaster, nearly a thousand more were injured.

According to information from the Red Crescent, around two million Iranians are dependent on humanitarian aid as a result of the floods. But this is made considerably more difficult by the US sanctions against the country, so the assessment of the Federal Government. "Basically, the Federal Government observed in humanitarian supplies and payments related to Iran due to the US sanctions policy, a reluctance of companies and banks," said in a response from the Foreign Office to a small request by Green MEP Omid Nouripour, the SPIEGEL is present.

The Federal Government is "in close dialogue with representatives of the German economy". In addition, they insist that in the future the special purpose company Instex contributes to "facilitate humanitarian aid for people in Iran".

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Germany, France and Great Britain had founded Instex at the end of January. The SPV aims to ensure that European companies that legally trade with Iran are not affected by US sanctions. It had become necessary from the perspective of the Europeans, after US President Donald Trump left the nuclear agreement with Iran (JCPOA). Trump then issued the "harshest sanctions of all time" in his words.

Nouripour accuses the West of cynicism

In fact, European companies are allowed to export all goods that are not subject to sanctions to Iran. The problem, however, is that almost all banks in Europe refuse to handle payments for such transactions. The financial institutions are afraid they could be punished in the US. "Overcompliance" of sanctions call the EU diplomat overreach.

Victims of this fear of US punishment are now flood victims in Iran. "It is obvious that not only mismanagement and corruption stand in the way of help for the numerous Iranian flood victims, but also the US sanctions against the government," says Nouripour, foreign policy spokesman for the Greens parliamentary group in the Bundestag. "It is cynical to abandon the Iranian people in a humanitarian emergency because, as a West, we reject Tehran's regional policy."

In cooperation with the Red Cross, the Federal Government has delivered 40 motor dinghies and water rescue equipment worth 300,000 euros to the Red Crescent in Iran.

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