(Persia Digest) - Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said the Islamic Republic has many options to consider, such as leaving the Non-Proliferation Treaty, in response to the intensification of the US sanctions.

He made the remarks on Sunday while speaking to IRIB.

“The Islamic Republic’s choices are numerous, and the officials are studying them…leaving NPT is one of them,” he said.

Mehr News reports that Zarif also mentioned that he would make official visits to Russia and North Korea in the near future.

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Noting the EU’s trade mechanism INSTEX and Iran’s expectations from the European side, Zarif said: “The Europeans had a whole year, and regrettably took no tangible measure. We expect them to prove that this hasn’t been the case. I don’t think they have much time left.”

The Americans proved that they are not a reliable negotiating partner, Zarif said, adding “in this case, the only way left for Iran is to counter the US sanctions, which would then lead to decreasing our reliance on oil, increasing our non-oil revenues, and boosting domestic production and non-oil exports.”

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