(Persia Digest) - Director General of the Ministry of Labor Mohammad Akbarnia revealed the dispatch of labor force to Romania, Bulgaria, South Korea and Japan.

Mehr News reports that with coordinations made in this regard, a total of 5,000 laborers will be sent from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the aforementioned countries in the current Iranian calendar year (started Mar. 21, 2019), he reiterated.

Turning to the latest situation of dispatching Iranian laborers overseas, he added, “effective measures have been taken for dispatching a labor force to other countries since last year (ended March 20, 2019) up to the present time.”

After negotiating with Germany and Croatia, a notice was issued for dispatching labor forces to these two European countries, he said, adding, “moreover, talks are underway with ambassadors of other countries who have applied.”

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Turning to the notice released for sending a workforce to Germany, he stated, “Germany needs more than 250,000 foreign workers annually and has no restrictions in this regard.”

Regarding the dispatch of a workforce to Croatia, the director general said: “Croatia has planned to employ more than 50,000 foreign laborers from various countries including the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Negotiations are underway between Iran and ambassadors of foreign countries including Romania, Bulgaria and South Korea, he said, adding, “we have agreed to set up expert-level committees to follow up and formulate a mechanism for dispatching Iranian workers to these countries.”

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