(Persia Digest) – An international affairs expert in Tehran believes: “Iran's withdrawal from the NPT will lead to a global consensus and referral of Iran's nuclear case to the Security Council, resulting in the resumption of UN sanctions.”

On the sidelines of his visit to New York, Javad Zarif said that leaving the NPT is one of Iran’s options against measures taken by the US in banning all countries from buying Iranian oil.

International affairs expert in Tehran, Dr Esmaeil Boshri, told Persia Digest (PD) in an interview: “There are no legal barriers for Iran’s withdrawal from the NPT. The treaty has provisions for countries wishing to leave. But the consequences will not be pleasant.”

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He added: “By leaving the treaty, the IAEA will no longer be able to carry out its verifications on Iran’s nuclear program. This will provide countries touting Iran with a new excuse to refer its case to the Security Council. In this case, the EU will also stop its apparent efforts for Iran to benefit from the JCPOA and sanctions will be reinstated with a probable global consensus against Iran.”

He underlined: “In my view, if Iran wants to show a reaction, leaving the JCPOA should be the first step with fewer consequences. Moreover, as the US has not remained committed to its obligations in the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal, stopping Tehran short in benefitting from its interests, Iran has good reasons for leaving it that will stand up in court.”

Boshri reiterated: “Leaving the NPT takes place by countries like North Korea who actively pursue nuclear weapons. Although this may not entail military action against Iran, it will definitely intensify economic pressures as a vanguard for a strike.”

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This East Asia expert continued by saying: “Be that as it may, Zarif’s remarks on leaving the NPT as an option may be a political tool to exert pressure on the other party. As such, his impending trip to Moscow and Pyongyang for discussions with friends of the IR of Iran and encouraging North Korea to stand up against the United States are assessed as using diplomatic moves to reduce pressures.

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